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Facts About Niger State

Niger State is a state in Central Nigeria known to have the largest land mass in Nigeria, Niger state is home to the famous Gurara Waterfalls, Kainji Dam, Shiroro dam, Kainji National park (which is also the largest national park in Nigeria), and the Zugurma games reserve. The state is a prosperous center for tourism and is home to the 4 major hydroelectric dams in Nigeria, earning it the alias: “The Power State”.

The state was created on the 3rd February 1976 with Minna as the state capital. The dominant occupation of the state is farming.

Niger state is an advanced centre for commercial activities with well established business districts such as Bida, Suleja, Kontagora and Minna. The people of Niger are friendly and accommodating and the state remains one of the most peaceful in Nigeria. There are rarely cases of ethno-religious clashes in the state; although bombs alleged to have been set by Boko Haram terrorists have been detected and successfully defused in Minna, the state capital.

Apart from this, the state maintains a zero insurgency record. Niger is known to be the largest yam cultivator in Nigeria, and other forms of farming, fishing, mining are also common.

The state lies on the 3.20° East and longitude 11.30° North. Kaduna State and FCT are her borders to the North-East and South-East respectively; Zamfara State borders the North, Kebbi State in the West, Kogi State in the South and Kwara State in the South West, while the republic of Benin along Agwara LGA boarders her North West.


The state’s natural and mineral resources profile includes Talc, Gold, Ball clays, Silica, Sand, Marble, Copper, Iron, Felsper, Lead, Kaolin, Cassetrite, Columbite, Mica, Quartzite and Limestone. Two of Nigeria's major hydroelectric power stations, the Kainji Dam and the Shiroro Dam, are located in Niger State.

The state has three most pronounced ethnic groups; Nupe, Gbagyi and Hausa. Other ethnic groups are Kadara, Koro, Barab, Kakanda, GanaGana, Dibo, Kambari, Kamuku, Pangu, Dukawa, Gwada and Ingwai. The state also accommodates numerous other tribes from other States.

The Local Government Areas(LGAs) are: Agaie, Agwara, Bida, Borgu, Bosso, Chanchaga, Edati, Gbako, Gurara, Katcha,Kontagora, Lapai, Lavun, Magama, Mariga, Mashegu, Mokwa, Munya, Paikoro, Rafi, Rijau, Shiroro, Suleja, Tafa, Wushishi.



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